Levitra Side Effects

Generic Levitra can incite some side-effect to the health of the consumer. The most common adverse effect is a fall in blood pressure. While blood pressure drops it leads to additional shortcomings such as tiredness, dizziness and even to the extreme of fainting. The alteration in blood circulation can even affect the heart and can in exceptionally bad occurrences provoke a stroke. These risks highlighted are mainly related to blood dilemmas, there is other spin-off that can directly affect your health condition which is not related to blood pressure. All of these drawbacks are often consequences of incompatibility to vardenafil.

Other Generic Levitra side effects

All ED drugs have some related side-effects. A more thorough list of deleterious effect that Generic Levitra can cause on the human health is:

Flushing Nose


Stomach problems


Facial Flushing

These are the most common side-effects. The above list provokes mild symptoms of discomfort which often fade away within 5 to 6 hours. They are thus not considered as serious.

More Serious Side-Effects

There are two harmful shortcomings that can be experienced. These are:

Loss or decrease in Vision abilities

All the various PDE-5 inhibitors can cause this downbeat on vision and even hearing. There is no certainty that has proven that PDE-5 inhibitors are leading cause for the loss in vision

Priapism This refers to having an erection for a prolonged period of time. It is usually referred to more than 4 hours. This will cause pain and a doctor needs to be contacted immediately.

Precautions to be taken when consuming Generic Levitra

People who are going to consume the drug should definitely contact a doctor. The main issue that has to be discussed is the health condition; previous illness, allergic, liver, kidney and heart problems. It is also critical to talk about any other penile issue encountered in the past. This information will help the physician to better prescribe the volume of the drug to be consumed. It is further important that the patient contact a doctor if any irregular sensation or symptoms prevail during the treatment of the medication. People who omit a regular check-up might face dangerous health dilemmas.

Extra Warning

There is another important concern, Generic Levitra and most of the other ED medication can not be consumed together with medicine called nitrates and alpha-blockers. There is a high risk of cross-reaction. There is a vast risk that one of the mentioned above side-effects is provoked. It is thus basic that people read and learn the ingredients of various products they consume.

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