Erectile Dysfunction

One of the biggest medical problems that plague families is that of erectile dysfunction. This is commonly known as impotence, and happens when a man cannot achieve and maintain an erection. The problem has caused some families to fall apart, as they struggle to cope with the stress and bitterness that the man suffers from. If that man is a father, then there is every chance that his children will suffer. If he is a partner or husband, then the relationship can quite possibly fall apart.

An erection occurs when blood flows to the penis. If this is not sufficiently well handled by the body, then an erection will not occur. Blood vessels that carry blood to the penis have to be enlarged enough for the process to happen. This is precisely what does not happen when erectile dysfunction occurs.

Erectile dysfunction is actually a very common condition, occurring for many men. In fact, about half of all men aged between 40 and 70 will suffer from it at least once in their lifetime. Possible physical causes of erectile dysfunction include heart disease and diabetes. High blood pressure can also be a cause of the problem too.

Other causes that do not fall into the physical category are stress and anxiety. Paradoxically, relationship problems can also cause erectile dysfunction to manifest itself in a man’s life.

Many men will experience the problem and it will, over time, go away. It is for those men who suffer from the problem on a permanent basis that drugs such as Cialis have been manufactured. This drug, which is taken orally, contains ingredients that encourage the survival of an enzyme that allows appropriate blood flow to occur in the penis. The drug can be taken just a few minutes before a sexual episode is expected to occur. It works fast, and generally allows a man to experience a satisfying erection for up to four hours. Many men have reported great satisfaction with the drug and its effects. And it has saved marriages, and families, the world over.

There are relatively few side effects, with most men suffering from nothing more than a few mild headaches the first few ties they take the drug. In addition, the drug is easy to take and store.

Most doctors will prescribe a 10mg dosage for Cialis. This dosage may increase or decrease, dependant on how the patient responds to the drug and its effects. There may be some reasons why a doctor will not prescribe the drug for you, and these are generally related to either lifestyle or medical conditions that the patient may suffer from.

While erectile dysfunction is a distressing and damaging issue for many men, drugs like Cialis allow them to gain control of their sex lives once more. This is why the drug is fast becoming the number one solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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